You are welcome to stay in the Security Colony community as a free user, ask us questions via Ask a Consultant, and utilise the resources we make available via the Resource Library. However, to get the maximum value from the service we recommend upgrading to a Premium account for Full Access. There are three levels of subscription starting at $150 per month (plus GST if you're in Australia), paid annually.  See the details in the Subscription section.

There are no complex or restrictive licensing agreements around the content; if you have a Premium account, you can use it for the internal benefit of your organisation.

There is now over $20 million of consulting output up on the portal, so starting from $150 a month we believe it's a fairly compelling offer, and we're confident the extra material we add every month will keep you with us.

While free accounts have access to some significant functionality, there are a few key differences between free and Premium accounts:

  • Free users can download a subset of documents from the Resource Library, whereas Premium users have access to many more documents, depending on the level of their subscription.
  • Premium users have the ability to run stored searches through our Breach Monitor on a daily basis with email notifications
  • Premium users have access to their own Private Forum to ask security questions
  • Free users can see their own score via Vendor Risk, with that score 'frozen' at the day they generate it, whereas Premium users can add up to 100 suppliers for no additional cost (depending on their subscription level), and scores are updated on a daily basis.  Premium users can also add on additional vendor packs to monitor as many suppliers as is needed.

More information about each of these differences is below.

Resource Library

As a free user, you can see the full document list in our Resource Library, but can download a subset (somewhere between 10 - 20% of documents are available to free users).

You can click the 'Download' button next to each file - if the file you are attempting to access is only available to paid subscribers, you will receive the following message.

You can also use the filter bar on the right of the Resource Library screen(click on the "Filter" icon) to filter by subscriber status. This will allow you to display only documents you can download and use.

Breach Monitor

The Breach Monitor service is only available to our Premium Subscribers.

The service is supported by a series of scrapers trawling the Internet looking for leaked or compromised data for our clients.

Premium Subscribers can set up stored searches for email addresses, email domains, or key words that run daily and advise of any new breaches identified. Monitor for your email domain, company name, key staff names, internal project names; whatever is important to you.

Ask a Consultant

All users can ask the consulting team questions through the "Ask a Consultant" function.

Premium subscribers also have their own Private Forum dedicated to their organisation, with priority access to our consultants for answering the questions.

Questions from free users will be answered when we can fit them in (but it generally won't take long).

Other benefits of Premium accounts:

  • Access up to ten (10) full-access user accounts. These user accounts share visibility of their 'Private Forums', discussed below.

  • The ability to ask both public and private information security questions through the "Ask a Consultant" and "Private Forums" functions as we covered above. Note that with paid accounts you control which users are in your organisation and therefore which users have access to your "Private Forums", so can ask more sensitive questions there about your specific circumstances. Questions from free users will be answered when we can fit them in (but it generally won't take long).