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I have a cyber security related question and need help

Updated on April 15, 2020

If you have a cyber security related question you need guidance on, you can click on the "Ask a Consultant" forums on the Security Colony and see whether your question has already been asked. The forums also include a search function so you can enter specific keywords that relate to your query to see if it has been answered.

Alternatively, you can submit a question directly to Security Colony via the "Ask a Consultant" function on the Colony by clicking on "Ask a Question". Questions and answers on this portal are available to all portal subscribers (free or paid) however are all anonymous so your organisation won't be identifiable in any way.

If you'd prefer to ask your question to us privately, paid subscribers have access to their own private forums (by clicking on the "Private Forums" option in the Colony). Questions and answers in your private forums will only be visible to your organisation and you will have priority access to our consultants (questions from free subscribers will be answered when we can fit them in, although this usually won't be long).

Note that with paid accounts you also control which users are in your organisation and therefore which users have access to your "Private Forums", so can ask more sensitive questions there about your specific circumstances.

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