Over the last 12 months, from our offices in San Francisco and Sydney, we've been listening to our customers explain what they need from Security Colony.  That has resulted in the introduction of Subscription Tiers and some major changes to our pricing model.

Intent & Approach

We introduced a lower-cost tier for our many Start Up subscribers, and  a higher-service (and predictably higher-cost) tier for our Enterprise subscribers.

Start Up subscribers now have a reduced, but more focused, set of of resources available that are key to getting a security program up and running and demonstrating to enterprise clients that security is being taken seriously.

Core subscribers have a similar service to the current subscription, with a slightly reduced set of documents (very niche enterprise level documents), but the introduction of 2 "document review" services (described below).

Enterprise subscribers have more users, 100 VRA slots, a 'curated' Breach Monitor service (detailed below), and 12 "document reviews" (also detailed below).

New Subscription Tiers & Pricing

Our new subscription options from 12th February 2019 are:


Note that existing subscribers will be able to maintain their current 'legacy' subscription for as long as they continue to subscribe.  

New Service Components

"Curated" Breach Monitor

All subscribers have access to our Breach Monitor service, to be notified if their selected search terms appear on the many 'dump sites' that we monitor an ongoing basis.

For our Enterprise subscribers, we will 'curate' these searches.  That is, to remove false positives and provide a more focused service, we will review all matches within the Security Colony team, prior to forwarding on to the subscriber, or will review them in parallel and provide recommendations where matches are identified.

Document Reviews

Core and Enterprise subscribers now have access to our "Document Review" service.  This service is to provide a bridge between the Security Colony online service, and our real world consulting team.

The document review service can work in one of two ways:

1. We can review an existing document that you have (eg. A policy, a standard, some awareness material), and provide you with some recommendations around content on the Security Colony site that could be used to improve the document.

2. You can take an existing Security Policy document and tailor it for your organisation, then pass to us for review.  We will review it and provide feedback on areas for improvement based on our experience across the market with similar organisations and documents.

In each case, you will have access to a specific consultant who can support you with your document.  Up to 1/2 a day of support is provided per "document review" service.