In order to help organizations through this challenging time, Trustwave Security Colony has put together a package of premium documents to help. THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL USERS. The package contains documents covering the following topics, Business Continuity, Cloud Security, Incident Response, Remote Work and Security Awareness. Please contact us through the "Ask a Consultant" section if there is anything we can clarify for you.

In detail, the list is as follows


This is a zip file containing a selection of resources that will be useful during this pandemic. It includes.

  • Business Continuity plan
  • BYOC risk assessment
  • Cloud Security Standard
  • Cybersafety for parents and kids
  • Cyber Security Awareness survey
  • Phishing poster
  • MS Teams best practices
  • Remote Worker Information Security Package
  • Security Awareness Pack
  • Awareness Training pack
  • Third-party compromise playbook.

Security Awareness Training - COVID-19 PACK

FREE FOR COVID-19 This set of awareness presentations was developed to be presented to various groups; Executives, General Staff, Customer Support and select Users of an on-line organization.

Microsoft Teams: Best Practices - COVID-19 version

This document provides an overview on how to configure your Microsoft Teams to align with security best practices. These practices will guide you with configuring Microsoft Teams in a manner that allows for its safe and secure use and may assist with compliance requirements that may pertain to your organisation

Business Continuity Plan - COVID-19 version

The business continuity plan document provides a comprehensive set of directives to allow for an organisation to continue functioning in the event of a major incident that causes a disruption to standard operations. This document provides high level guidance on the components essential to develop a BCP, followed by a business continuity plan template that includes a large number of supplementary items that either inform, or relate to continuity planning.

Remote Worker Security Information Pack COVID-19 PACK

As more companies are moving to a “primarily working from home” model during the containment phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, we put together a reminder of teleworking security fundamentals to ensure the smooth running of your firm’s operations while keeping your assets protected from attackers.